The German Federal Government appoints a commission of experts to prepare the Government Report on Older People in Germany regulary.

The office at the German Centre of Gerontology has been supporting the expert commission since 1995. Support includes organisational matters as well as providing parts of the report content.

In Germany, a wide range of studies and projects provide a wealth of information on the situation of older people and support the political decision-making process. The German Government Reports on Older people constitute the leading source in the field. These reports are compiled in every legislative period, instigated by a resolution of the German parliament. Reports on specific topics alternate with general reports with an overall perspective.

Actually, the Eighth Government Report on Older People deals with "Older People and Digitalization", focusing on current developments changing our society in many ways and in various sectors. That is true for the lives of older people, too, for whom the use of technical devices and applications is increasingly important for self-reliance and social participation.

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