The office at the German Centre of Gerontology is supporting the expert commission developping the National Dementia Strategy. Support includes organisational matters as well as providing parts of the report content.


Actually, about 1,6 millions of people with dementia are living in Germany. During the past years, Germany already has reached a lot on its way towards a dementia friendly society. Various support offers for people with dementia and their familys are already in existence. The state, the federal lands as well as the communities assume their responsibilities. Nevertheless, more action is needed.

Therefore, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and the Federal Ministry of Health in cooperation with the German Alzheimer Society (NGO) and various other stakeholder in the field developped a National Dementia Strategy.

It is the aim of the strategy to sustainibly improve living conditions of people with dementia and their families. For this purpose, various means were developped to promote social participation of people with dementia, to improve their medical support and care, to expand support for their next ones and to strengthen research in the field of dementia.

During the process of developping the Strategy, the forces of many stakeholders have been bundled in a cooperative, binding and ongoing action. A symbol has been settled to show that on the level of the whole society responsibility has to be taken on for the improvement of the living conditions for people with dementia.

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