With its research activities, the DZA participates in the provision of knowledge on age-related issues and supplies society, politicians and the academic debate with up-to-date, innovative information on age and ageing issues. To accurately assess ageing issues from a societal and individual perspective, social and cultural change, individual development processes, social distributions and social inequality must be seen as interrelated. Using the tools of social and behavioural ageing research, ongoing contributions to the debate on ageing, the monitoring of social developments and the policy advice process are generated in relation to five areas of societal and individual ageing.


These areas cover the themes (a) employment and retirement, (b) economy of old age, (c) health and social care, (d) family and social relations and (e) societal participation. The current research projects at the DZA are:

Data of the German Ageing Survey, the German Survey on Volunteering (FWS) and PREFER are available at the Research Data Centre (FDZ-DZA)