The DEAS allows for a comprehensive description of life situations and life contexts of the German population aged 40  years and older (cross-sectional analysis), for analyses of social change over time since 1996, and for an investigation of intra-individual development over up to twenty-four years (1996-2002-2008-2011-2014-2017-2020-2020/21).

Since 2008, the DEAS panel assessments have been conducted every three years. A new cross-sectional sample is drawn every six years. In 2020 no baseline survey could be conducted due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In the summer of 2020 a short postal survey on the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic was conducted. In winter 2020/2021, the seventh survey wave was conducted - due to the changed situation exclusively as a panel survey via telephone interviews. The eighth survey wave will run until the end of May 2023; again, only the panel will be surveyed. The next combined panel and baseline survey is planned for 2026.

Data of all waves are available for the scientific community. For further information please visit the pages of our Research Data Centre (FDZ-DZA).

The following samples are available from the survey waves conducted between 1996 and 2020/21:

Wave I (1996)

Wave II (2002)

Wave III (2008)

Wave IV (2011)

Wave V (2014)

Wave VI (2017)

Short Survey (2020)

Wave VII (2020/21)