The DEAS allows for a comprehensive description of life situations and life contexts of the German population aged 40  years and older (cross-sectional analysis), for analyses of social change over time since 1996, and for an investigation of intra-individual development over three to twenty-one years (1996-2002-2008-2011-2014-2017).

Since 2008, the DEAS panel assessments have been conducted every three years. A new cross-sectional sample is drawn every six years (1996-2002-2008-2014). This approach enables the investigation of social change as well as individual development over a twenty-one year time span.

In 2017 the sixth wave of data collection has taken place place: between April and November about 6600 persons were re-interviewed.

Data of all waves are available for the scientific community. For further information please visit the pages of our Research Data Centre (FDZ-DZA).

The following samples are available from the survey waves conducted between 1996 and 2017:

Wave I (1996)

Wave II (2002)

Wave III (2008)

Wave IV (2011)

Wave V (2014)

Wave VI (2017)