Application for the Use of Data: DEAS, D80+ and PREFER

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Anonymised microdata from the German Ageing Survey (DEAS), the study Old Age in Germany (D80+) and the PREFER 2009 study are provided for external users free of charge for use in non-commercial research. Please note the conditions of use before filling in the application form.

Data are not provided for seminar papers. Bachelor candidates should have their supervisor apply and be registered as co-users.

You need statistical software such as Stata or SPSS to analyse the data. If your research only requires secondary statistical information, please take a look into the publications based on data of the German Ageing Survey here.

If you have completed the application form, please click the “Send Application to FDZ-DZA” button and you should immediately receive an email with a summary of your data. In case you do not receive this email, please contact us directly via our contact form.

By sending the application to us you give permission to the FDZ-DZA to store and process the given personal data for purposes of handling your application. Your personal data will not be given to anybody else outside the FDZ-DZA.

Application for access to data (DEAS, D80+ and/or PREFER)

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We have to be able to contact you until we receive confirmation of data deletion, thus we need your affiliational as well as your private address. Out first priority is to contact you at your affiliation, but we also want to avoid expensive measures to research your current and valid address in case you change your affiliation. Therefore we ask you to also provide details for your private address.

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Information on the processing of your data can be found in the data protection note.