The research data centre provides Scientific Use Files (SPSS, Stata) with data of every completed wave of the German Ageing Survey (DEAS), of the study Old Age in Germany (D80+) and of the PREFER 2009 study - free of charge. For reasons of data protection, the data sets can only be used after signing a data distribution contract.

If you want to use the DEAS, D80+ or PREFER data, please use the application form. Please name any co-users, i. e. researchers in your project who will also have access to the data, in the application form.

The FDZ-DZA will check whether you are eligible to receive the data. Access is permitted for the use of data in a scientific, non-profit context. Scholars working at a university or a research institution as well as students aiming at an academic graduation (Master, Ph.D.) can apply for usage. For Bachelor candidates the responsible staff member has to apply for usage of the data. For the use of DEAS or PREFER data in academic teaching, you have to submit your scientific use files (SUF) to some modifications which are specified in the data distribution contract.

The FDZ-DZA will set up a data distribution contract and send it to you in duplicate by mail.

As soon as we have received a signed copy of the contract, we will grant you access to the requested data. You will already have received a username and password which allows you to log into the protected domain on the FDZ-website. There you can view and download the requested data as well as the wave-specific documentation material.

As a supplement to the survey data, additional data (e.g. regional context information) are available that - upon request - can be linked to the Scientific Use Files or that can be analysed at a particularly protected user workstation on location of the DZA. If you are interested in using these data, please contact the FDZ-DZA team.