The project "Entwicklung der Wohnkostenbelastung im Alter – Risikofaktor für finanzielle Überbelastung und Altersarmut?" investigates how housing costs develop in comparison to old-age income for people aged 60 or over. Specifically, we investigate whether there are risk groups for which, due to high or rising housing costs and/or low or declining income over the life course, the housing cost burden rises excessively, increasing therefore their old-age poverty risk. In particular, we analyse the effects of retirement and widowhood on the development of the housing cost burden.

It also examines the evolution of the advantages of home ownership over rented housing in terms of the housing cost burden in the course of retirement, i.e. how sustainable home ownership functions as a form of old-age provision.


Forschungsnetzwerk Alterssicherung (FNA) der Deutschen Rentenversicherung Bund


July 2020 to November 2021