Design and Sample

In PREFER II several modules for promoting physical activity were developed and evaluated in a randomized controlled trial (RCT).

In the study participants’ health status, physical activity and attitudes were assessed using subjective and objective measures.

In addition to the RCT, the perspective of users and multiplicators of health promotion measures will be integrated in two participatory workshops.

The study consists of three groups: an intervention group to promote physical activity (n = 131), an active control group to promote volunteering (n = 103) and a passive control group (n = 76). The intervention group to promote physical activity is additionally divided into a subsample receiving an intervention component to prompt positive views on aging and an subsample without this component. Inclusion criteria are being community-dwelling, age 64 or older and suffering from at least two chronic conditions.

The studie was planned during 2011 and conducted in 2012 and 2013. Participants took part in five measurement occasions spread over about 15 month. The intervention group and active control group came to one group intervention session on average five weeks after the first assessment. The passive control group received information material about physical activity and volunteering after the forth assessment.