Personal Resources of Elderly People with Multimorbidity: Fortification of Effective Health Behaviour

PREFER is a series of studies on the role of personal (individual) resources for maintaining autonomy and quality of life in older people with multiple illnesses.

During the first funding period, a total of 309 individuals aged 65 to 86 with multiple illnesses were examined at four measurement points over one year (more information: 1. Funding Period)

During the second funding period 2011-2014, we developed intervention modules to motivate and support older individuals with multiple illnesses in physical activity. These modules were evaluated in a randomized control trial with 310 individuals (more information: 2. Funding Period)

Project periods:

01 / 2008 – 12 / 2010 (1. Funding Period )
01 / 2011 – 10 / 2014 (2. Funding Period )

Research funding:

Research grant by Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), grant No. 01ET0702, 01ET1001


PREFER was a cooperation between DZA (Deutsches Zentrum für Altersfragen) and the Department of Health Psychology, Freie Universität Berlin. PREFER was also a part of the AMA Research Consortium

The following scientific staff was involved in the project:

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