On 11 November 2016, the Seventh Government Report on Older People got published along with the government's statement on the report.

The mandate of the Commission of the Seventh Government Report on Older People was to produce a report on social policies for senior citizens in the local context. The neighbourhood and local environment have a special role in the everyday lives of older people. The local community is the smallest geographical administrative unit holding key responsibility for the provision of public services to its citizens. At the same time, local infrastructures and social networks play a defining role in determining quality of life in old age.

The demographic and social shifts of the past decades have as well changed the situation for local government policy. Factors such as ageing populations, internal migration and changing family structures are confronting local government with new challenges in relation to the way the living situations of older people are addressed. Against this background, the Seventh Government Report on Older People is examining how local government and communities can ensure older people's social, political and cultural participation in the community while experiencing an active old age in which they themselves assume responsibility or share it with others.

The Seventh Government Report on Older People includes concrete recommendations for action on sustainable policies for older people in local communities.

To download the Seventh Government Report on Older People, please visit www.siebter-altenbericht.de.

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