An important task of the DZA is to report and process information and to provide advice on social policy. The target groups are public administrations at the federal and state levels, central public and non-governmental welfare agencies and those involved in social policy for the aged. Account is taken of the various levels of social policy and welfare (federal, state, local government). The DZA seeks to provide the information and knowledge needed to plan action in the areas of social policy and old-age policy, identifying requirements for guidance and offering advisory services. The institute is proactive in initiating debates on key social policy issues and acts in response to the requests and informational needs of the funding institutions and other organisations. The Office of the Expert Commission on the Government Reports on Oder People set up at the DZA by the German Federal Government is directly responsible for policy advice. The office contributes to and cooperates in the work of the commission, coordinates activities and performs administrative functions. The reports review the life situations of older people in Germany, and develop policy perspectives for the 21st century.