Object TitleStatistical Information System GeroStat

GeroStat is an web-based Information System.
It is offering a collection of statistical data from several sources related to gerontological and demografic subjects

  • Demographic characteristics and age-specific ratios
  • Health status
  • Mortality: deaths and life expectancy
  • Social-economic characteristics: employment status, household structure, income
  • Social security
  • Living conditions of people in the second half of their lives: German Ageing Survey, DEAS (in german only)
  • Voluntary activities of person: The German Survey on Volunteering, FWS (in german only)
GeroStat offers
  • Data with fine graded age-specific criteria even for older age-groups
  • Longtime series with annual data updates
  • Context information of the data (definitions, references)
  • Easy and safe to handle based on user guided data selection
  • Data export functions
  • Usage free of charge
Data Access


free of application and registration