Until today, the German Survey on Volunteering (FWS) has been conducted four times: in 2014, 2009, 2004 and 1999. The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth commissioned the scientific management and supervision of the German Survey on Volunteering to the DZA in 2011, since then data have been elaborately edited and documented. Data of the FWS 2014, FWS 2009, FWS 2004 and FWS 1999 are available free of charge for scientific research from the FDZ-DZA.
The net sample of the cross-sectional survey included 28,690 respondents in 2014,  20,005 respondents in 2009, 15,000 respondents in 2004 and 14,922 respondents in 1999. The contents of the survey have basically remained constant. The dataset FWS Trend 1999–2014 contains all information that have been surveyed identically or similarly in at least three of the four survey years or in 2014 and at least one additional survey year. 

For more information on each wave, the documentation and data access please use the links given in the table below.

Survey year20142009200419991999-2014
Data (SUF)SUF FWS 2014SUF FWS 2009SUF FWS 2004SUF FWS 1999SUF FWS Trend 1999-2014