If you are interested in exploring the contents of the German Ageing Survey and would like to have a quick first glance on the frequency distributions of pivotal variables, we highly recommend a visit to our Online-Indicators System GeroStat.

You can choose indicators from eight topics of the DEAS survey programme and have them reported to you in a frequency distribution. Indicators can be differentiated by age group, sex and region (East/West Germany), and they can even be displayed in a grpahic output. For the majority of variables, a time series analysis of base samples across several survey years is possible.
We have been expanding the choice and reorganising the structure of the DEAS-indicators in GeroStat - Please allow for some additional time to provide you with an English version

Should any research question remain unanswered or even arise, you might obtain the data for your own analyses. More detailled information on data access can be found here.