The research data centre provides sets of meta-data as an overview of the participation history of the respondents. The meta-data file contains information on all persons that have ever participated in any of the survey questionnaires. It can be used to match files of different waves in order to construct an individual longitudinal file easily and to conduct analyses on the whereabouts of the respondents. The information on drop-outs from the contact records as well as from regular panel care procedures and research on the whereabouts of the respondents enable drop-out and attrition analyses.

The meta-data file contains information on the questionnaire return codes of every wave (participation or reason for not participating) as well as on the last known vital status of the respondents (deceased/alive). It also includes data on the life duration since birth and since each survey until death or the – preliminarily – last observation (last status of the respondent is recorded as alive). Data on deaths is highly reliable as it is predominantly retrieved from registration offices.

The Scientific Use File DEAS Meta is available for all users that have signed a data distribution contract. It can be matched with survey data.

The application form to access DEAS data can be found here Application Form.

The SUF DEAS Meta is currently available in SPSS format with German labels. After signing the data distribution contract, it can be downloaded from the internal download area free of charge.