As a supplement to the survey data additional data is available that upon request can be linked to the Scientific Use Files or that can be analysed at a particularly protected user workstation on location of the DZA.

These macrodata contain information on the regional context of each respondent on district level (as, for instance, the unemployment rate, the average household income or population density) and on street level (e.g. social milieu, purchasing power, age structure). This allows for analysis of individual characteristics in the context of regional conditions.

For all respondents of the survey years 2002 and 2008 with a valid professional occupation, information on average job demands in their particular occupation can be obtained. Job demands are available in three separate scales: physical, psycho-social and overall demands at the workplace. This context information is linked to respondents by the ISCO-code.

If you are interested in linking these data to the Scientific Use File, please contact the FDZ team.